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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  July 17, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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a boycott of rolling stone magazine. >> steve: another viewer says they always push the envelope. but that is a slap in the face of civilized society. thanks for the comments. we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> brian: after the show show. bill: republicans in the house with a big target aimed at obama-care. and they may have a stronger wind at their backs. martha: good morning, i'm martha maccallum live in london where the royals and great britain await for the new heir to the throne. bill: the white house delayed the mandate for businesses only. that left a lot of folks
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thinking, what's fair about that? some of the biggest labor unions in america are grumbling about the rollout for the law. peter doocy is with us. what is the white house trying to accomplish? >> reporter: the obama administration said the penalty for businesses with more than 50 employees who don't give everyone healthcare won't be enforced until 2015. house republicans want to know why that delay has been ordered as well as the impact it will have. one vote on that employer mandate and whether it should be delayed. some republicans in the senate explained the end game. >> the president decided to
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delay the employer mandate. we believe instead of a partial delay for some we need a permanent delay for all americans. >> reporter: john boehner says he believes the penalties are being delayed because the healthcare law is a quote train wreck. bill: has the white house backed down? >> reporter: no, yesterday jay carney testified it and explained its benefits for small business owners. >> it allows individuals who could not prior to passage of the affordable care act afford insurance to get insurance, and it provides subsidies for those who need in affording it and assisted in that effort so they can provide into their employees. >> reporter: in one hour house republicans to the ways and means committee will hear
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testimony from the treasury department to is plain the white house's reason for delaying. bill: kevin brady is here live, the co-sponsor of those bills. martha: new reaction from the nra following eric holder's calls to review the stand your ground laws. eric holder making that announcement at the naacp yesterday. >> it's time to question laws that expand the concept of self-defense. >> the attorney general needs to do some research and study before he makes statement like that. bill: the nra suggests the administration is using the zimmerman trial to push their own political agenda. jonathan serrie is live from the
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political convention in orlando, florida where civil rights leaders are talking about all this. what else did eric holder have to say about the stand your ground law? >> the attorney general is no fan of stand your ground law which he says may provoke more violence than they prevent. >> we must examine laws that eliminate the common sense and age old requirement that people who feel threatened have a duty to retreat if they can do so safely by allowing and perhaps encouraging violent situations to escalate in public such laws undermine public safety. >> reporter: responding to holder's earlier comment, the nra issued this statement. the attorney general fails to understand that self defense is not a concept it's a fundamental human right.
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the statement goes on to accused the obama administration of exploiting tragedies to push its political agenda. martha: some of the jurors in the zimmerman case are speaking out. they released a statement. what does that statement say? >> four of the jurors are respond fog some comments that one of the jurors, the one who has appeared on television, appearing earlier in the week with anderson cooper, so-called juror b-37 who said she believed trayvon martin played a role in his own death, the four jurors -- four opter jurors issued a written statement saying the opinions of juror b-37 her own and not in any way representative of the jurors listed below. their written statement also goes on to say quote the death
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after teenager weighs heavily on our hearts but in the end we did what the law required us to do. finally the jurors asked for privacy and time to deal with everything they went through while deliberating this trial, martha. martha: thank you very much. bill: you can imagine every day we get new reaction. stevie wonder responding to the george zimmerman verdict with a boycott. he says he will not play any concerts in florida until that state abolishes its stand your ground law. wonder made the announcement during a concert in canada. there are dozens of state who have similar laws and we'll have more on the stan your ground laws in a moment. we'll debate holder's comments and how the nra is responding. martha: president obama getting
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backlash after a recent report find wages have dropped in the u.s.3% since he took office. stuart varney joins knee now. that seems a very unusual situation. i men we usually see that wages go up over time throughout the course of history. but that's a big drop, is it not? >> it's a very big drop. this report suggests the president's economic policies have hurt his key supporters. low income people are losing ground. low income people who earn $10.60 per hour. the value of their wages is down 4.1%. if you break it down to low income job categories like food preparation workers house maid, restaurant workers, their wages down 5%. these are the president's key
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supporters, key constituent and through the course of the last four years the purchasing power, the value of the money they earn has gone down significantly, martha. martha: hurting clearly the lower income groups. what about everybody else? >> reporter: you put it all together and wage purchasing power is down almost 3 per. if you look at the top group, upper income professionals, their purchasing power from their wages and salaries is down 2%. this group that came up with the numbers is the national employment law project. it's on the left. it's comprised a lot of activists and union members. that's the key point here. unions as we heard yesterday are beginning to turn against obama-care and members of unions within this group are turning against the president's economic policies as it relates to low-income workers.
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martha: stuart, thank you very much. stuart varney originally from great britain of course. that's where we find ourselves today as we continue to wait for the royal baby. when you listen to what the president says to his constituency. in many ways it's the same for the leadership in great britain as well as the royal family. one of the roles kate has played here is to bridge that gap. she is a commoner and shops in places where a lot of commoners shop. she wears dresses from bar dane shops and wears them twice. she has played a significant role in that. there is a dress that she wore a few times during the course of her pregnancy. princess die yapa was known for having a handle on approach with her kid and kate is expected to take that first and relate to
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the more traditional mom in the u.k. in a way that will hopefully keep that bond between the royal family because they need that to keep the support of the people out there.bill: diane same thing twice. kidding aside. this baby could be good for the economy. martha: they expect the royal baby and tourism and souvenirs associated with the royal baby will bring in $100 million to the u.k. when kate wears a pair of shoes or pushes a baby stroller. they will get a boost in the form endorsement. they have been coming out of the recession to a certain extent. there is a fairly good economic mood here as it improves a
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little bit. bill: did you pick a date on the calendar? when is this baby going to come? >> are we betting again? you know, i'm going to say the 22nd. >> i took the 22nd yesterday. martha: i was going back and forth. i'll go with the 21st. tough an hour and 20 minutes to change your mind. mayor dmapts grip of a punishing heat wave. have you stepped outside? we are not even halfway through this. how long with tens of millions have to deal with this weather? martha: edward snowden remains in limbo at a russian airport.
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what president putin just said that may speak volumes about whether the nsa leaker will get to stay there. bill: the shark wrangler, how this thing played out.
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martha: medical examiners in canada ruling cory monteith's death an accidental death. they say he died from a combining of heroin and alcohol. he spoke publicly about his past substance abuse issues and his most recent stint in rehab. bill: the showdown on healthcare will happen friday. this will be the 38th time republicans tried to either scale it back, defund or eliminate obama-care all together. kevin brady of texas, a
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co-sponsor of a lot of this. what are you specifically trying to do today if you get the votes? >> this is the first time treasury appeared before congress since they tried to hide this announcement in a blog post. the question is if warren buffet is going to get a pass from obama-care from the white house, how about joe 60s pack. how about average workers worried about this. if obama-care is not ready for businesbusiness is it ready forr your business? probably not. bill: the afternoon of july 3 is that when it came out? >> the 2nd but right on that holiday. bill: that delayed for one year the employer mandate. if you have a company and employ
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more than 50 individuals you get another year before you have to obey the law. you are also trying to do this for individuals in what sense, sir? >> out of fairness. again if the businesses don't have to comply with the law on time as scheduled. why do work verse to do this? obama-care is no more ready for them. and for them it's not just an issue of the bottom line, it's their family, it's their children. by every measure this white house missed every deadline for putting this in place so we are worried about the workers and the families. bill: i have got a poll here. 66 person as of now say they are worried about obama-care and how it make them feel about the future. that number just keeps going up. jay carney says there is no data that supports companies are letting go employees because they are concerned about taking them from pum full time to part
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time or getting under that 50 number threshold. in addition we got a question from a viewer, because you ask. bya. how can the president unilaterally postpone a portion of the law. doesn't congress have to approve changes to the law? what is your view on that? >> i agree. i think congress does have to approve changes of that magnitude. but it raises a question, if the white house thinks it has the legal authority to postpone it for the ce tos in business, don't they have the legal authority to postpone it for the workers and their families? we think the answer is congress should postpone the vote if not ready. bill: i'm reading the law it appears tonight amendments are viable so long as as they may be up toward the end of the year.
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so according to the way the provision in the law was written, the white house can do that. if that is true you are under the gun right now in term of a time frame. >> we are under the gun mainly because you have already seen, i disagree with jay carney. he needs to walk along any main street in america. they are not hiring. by the way, they are seeing huge increases in their healthcare costs. they don't know how to pay for it today. main street america has been begging for a repeal because they know the damage that's being done. but where does that leave workers? where does that leave the single mom work at the local restaurant. the white house isn't listening to them. bill: you had the unions come out with a scathing letter. they are not happy, too. we are searching for people who are happy with this. mayben if you are 25 years old
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and live with your parents you are happy. to our viewers at home, you bet. or send me and e-mail at because you ask. following in her father's political footsteps. duck cheney's daughter liz and her new bid for a senate seat. martha: raging flames threatening homes in one state. we'll tell you where the evacuations are happening now. ever wonder what this costs you as a taxpayer? millions? tens of millions? hundreds of millions? not a single cent. the united states postal service doesn't run on your tax dollars.
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bill: crews in southern california fighting massive
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wildfire near palm springs. three firefighters suffering minor injuries and we are keeping an eye on this because it is -- continues to be a developing story. california. martha: the daughter of former vice president dick cheney announced her run for the u.s. senate in which. challenging the 3-term senator mike enzi. >> reporter: it sets up a primary fight pitting a conservative nor against the well-known cheney. she is the daughter of former vice president dick cheney and a form or official in the george
6:25 am
bush administration. she announced a run with a thinly veiled reference to mike enzi's low-key style in working with people across the aisle. >> we should be opposing because agenda every step of the way. i'm running because i know as a mother and patriot we can't continue business as usual in washington and go along to get along. >> reporter: enzi says fundraising has always been a problem for me. martha: how is senator enzi reacting? >> reporter: he said he wasn't notified she was running. he put out a statement saying he was going to run.
6:26 am
then cheney put out her video. he said she said if i ran she wasn't going run. obviously that isn't correct. 30 minutes after i put out a release saying i intend to run she put out one saying she was running. martha: steve, thank you. bill: all eyes on which instantly. -- all eyes on whic on wyoming. martha: new controversy over "rolling stone" magazine. it gives the boston terror suspect rock star status on its cover. are they glamourizing a murderer? 7 t 4ke opening my eyes.
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martha: there are new reports that nsa leaker edward snowden has no plans to leave russia anytime soon and he's considering seeking citizenship there. vladimir putin is addressing snowden's request this way. >> we warned mr. snowden that any actions with him harming russia-american relations aren't
6:31 am
acceptable to us. this is important to us. interstate connections are much more important than dirty tittle-tattle. martha: it seems like those comments are a day late and a dollar short, isn't it? you would think that. but i think putin got what he wanted out of this. snowden has been there for a month. he has been able to tweak america's nose and make obama look bad. i think putin decided he got we wanted out of this and it's time to move on. martha: our government made it clear we want him back. we would like to talk to edward snowden about what he has done. do you think it's likely he will get some sort of ability to stay in russia indefinitely and if so
6:32 am
what impact would that have? >> i think the russians want to wash their hand of this. i think he will be able to stay there for a while while he seeks asylum. he has been stuck in the moscow airport. once he's able to arrange movement out of the country which has been difficult -- remember the situation with the bolivian president's airplane, i think the russians will let him go just like the chinese did. they kept him there for a little bit. got some propaganda use out of it then let him go to moscow as soon as somebody will take him and he's able to leave russia i think he will. martha: i'll bet they will be able to arrange transportation rather quickly. i don't think he will have to wait hours for a flight if that turns out to be what happens. what about the complex issues we are dealing with with russia?
6:33 am
>> i think that's why putin wants to get him gone. he made the youth look impotent on this issue. he made president obama look bad. in this relationship with russia we have gone from reset to regret. there are threats about boycotting the olympics from some members of congress. there is arms control. president obama made a proposal to the russians about reducing our operational warheads. these are two major powers. do you want somebody like edward snowden to get in the way of important relations? martha: it feels like we have very little influence with putin or this government. is that true? >> i would say so. we had much more influence under medvedev. but putin has not been a friend of the united states since the
6:34 am
cold war. he didn't like the way things ended. he thinks the youth gets in the way of russian prominence in the world. in syria they are concerned about missile defense. this is a country that doesn't see the united states as a friend. and vladimir putin would like to see the united states influence internationally decrease or russia's could increase. >> we have a winner now, the american league wins the all-star game. 3-0 the final. national did not cross the plate. with that win it means homefield advantage. but the highlight perhaps this game will be most remembered for the moment you are about to see now.
6:35 am
that is a first class sendoff on behalf of the mets fans in that park. rivera's last time on the mound. his fellow players stayed in the dugout and left the field to the sand man. he pitched a perfect 8th inning and name the all-star mvp at 43 years young. martha: that's a beautiful moment there. they are waiting for a beautiful moment of their own and there will be lots of pomp and circumstance when it happens. a lot of discussion about what the baby will be named.
6:36 am
there is a lot of significance that will go into that name if it's chosen. number one with the bookies right now is the name alexandra, one of queen elizabeth's middle names. it's also the name of prince william's godmother on the right-hand side of your screen. that looks like the most likely name. who knows. only the couple knows themselves. but that's what the bookies think. another one high on the list is charlotte which is pippa middleton's middle name and the name of king george ii's wife. we are familiar with king george ii during the revolution. that's also considered a nod to prince charles, a female version of his name. if it's a boy strong odds on the name george which would be attributed to queen elizabeth's
6:37 am
father king george vi which we saw portrayed in "the king's speech." the stuttering cunning. he did not want to be king. his brother and difficult kaitd and married wallace simpson and that's the reason we have elizabeth ii on the throne today. george would be a sentimental favorite to her father. that's the odds on if it's a boy. william is far down to the list i'm sorry to say. bill: we are getting tweets saying we don't need another king george. i'm assured it will be a kinder, gentler king. martha: he was much beloved by the prime minister here. people think of king george iii but this would be more after nod
6:38 am
to king george vi which is queen elizabeth's dad. bill: we are on baby watch. you are the one. we'll talk to you in a moment in london. bill: he's mum on what his justice department will do about george zimmerman. but eric holder has come out against laws that allow people to stand your ground. martha: you are about to meet the shark wrangler. can you believe this guy? look at this.
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martha: there are calls for san diego's mayor to resign. he's accused of heinous acts of kissing and grabbing and broke and harassing women. several former supporters are calling for his resignation. six of san diego's 9 city
6:42 am
councilors are asking for him to go. he's resisting calls for his resignation. he as hired an attorney. bill: eric holder wants to repeal stand your ground laws like the one in florida. >> separate and apart from the case that has drawn the names attention it's time to question lawsuits that senselessly expand the concept of self-defense and sow dangerous conflict our neighborhoods. these laws try to fix something that was never broken. there has always been a legal defense for using deadly force if and the if is important, if no safe retreat is available.
6:43 am
bill: alan colmes, host of the alan colmes radio show and tucker carlson from the daily caller. stand your ground was never part of zimmerman's defense team in that trial. what about eric holder's position on this. >> it wasn't part of the trial because zimmerman kobt safely retreat. he was on his back with someone on top of him. it's a little bit strike that the attorney general is using this case as a way to push his pet -- his pet interest in eliminating these laws. bill: are you surprised about that? >> i am a little surprised. the truth is america is not imperiled because homeowners are protecting themselves too vigorously. your right to self-defense is a natural right. it's not bow stowed on us by eric holder. you are born with it.
6:44 am
it's kind of creepy, the administration is pushing for gun control to strip you of basic rights. >> it was a common dialogue. but eric holder had a good point. laws exist that allow one to protect one's self. the problem with the stand your ground laws is they are not applied equally. a survey showed 73% of those who killed a black person walked away versus 59% who killed a white person. that was a study by the tampa bay times a year ago. bill: there 22 states that have a similar law. one reports 30 states have similar laws. i don't know, tucker. does this go anywhere? >> no. we have interviews lists of plenty of black homeowners who protected their lives and property under this law.
6:45 am
but you have to be living in a rich neighborhood in d.c. surround by bodyguards like holder does. what world do you live in if you think that's a threat to your safety. >> he never said protecting one's self is a threat. he never said people don't have a right to defend themselves. that's a mischaracterization of what the attorney general stead yesterday. bill: what he argued is if there is no safe retreat available. the jurors had this case and i don't hear a lot of people saying the trial is unfair. did you see any judicious malpractice? you have to say the jury has spoken. we are a country of laws, that's a system we have. >> that's a different issue of
6:46 am
whether stand your ground is a good law. the jury made the right decision based on the prosecution's ability to present their case. >> let me remind you there are plenty of people who have been prosecuted for self-defense. that's the reason state after state has enacted these laws to protect people from lawfully protecting themselves. these are the ways things have always been done. this is a reaction we get. >> normally conservatives want fewer laws not more laws. andbill: i'm curious to see wher this goes anywhere. i heard that you cannot even bring a civil case against george zimmerman based on what we understand about what transpired that case in february 2012. >> it doesn't mean they won't. bill: then you could question
6:47 am
whether they would be successful. >> the threshold is lower and there is potentially a payoff. the family is upset. i understand. i feel for the parents of trayvon martin. he's dead. i understand they want justice. i'm not sure this is the way to get justice. bill: alan, i'll give you the last word. >> i think they would have a hard time bringing a case. a hate crime would be tough to do. i'm not sure they would win that case. bill: others would argue that eric holder is doing this based on ideology and we'll see if the comment he made in front after group of people in florida or whether he is truly serious about pushing this forward. alan, thank you. tucker thanks to you as well. 12 minute before the hour. why the rock star treatment for the accused boston bomber?
6:48 am
the magazine cover creating a lot of controversy. question yourself, is that right? martha: a new development in the trial of the captain who abandoned his own cruise ship after it ran aground. 32 people died in that disaster. could a plea deal give him an easier time in prison? >> there is no pleas about it. go back onboard. assure me you are going back on board. >> i'm in the lifeboat under the ship, i haven't gone anywhere. >> what are you doing? >> i'm coordinating. ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching.
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bill: the captain of the costa concordia cruise ship that capsized off the coast of italy insisting on a new plea deal.
6:52 am
the accident in january 2012 set off a chaotic night, evacuation of 4,000 passengers and crew members. 32 people died. francesco schettino's lawyers say he wants to plead guilty. he faces up to 20 years if found guilty. martha: a rod and reel was not enough for a massachusetts fisherman to reel in his big catch. when he pulled in a 7 foot, 200 pound brown shark or sandbar shark. there was only one way to get it onshore. he had to run into the water and pull it out. there is a look at where you are. there are a lot of sharks in the water out there. what are you thinking? >> it's kind of wild.
6:53 am
the epic conclusion of the battle where you have to grab him by the tail and pull him out so you can get cool pictures. i love shark fishing. i have done it in florida for a couple of years and i got really into it. martha: what happens after this. you were fishing for blue fish? >> i was catching blue fish which are 10 pound or so and i was getting them back half eaten. so you could tell a charm chomped them in half. so i ran back to my car and had my shark rod ready. and then threw it 10 feet offshore and a shark picked it up and the battle was on. it took me 45 minutes. martha: you said you have been
6:54 am
shark fishing in florida for a long time. is this particular shark not particularly dangerous to humans or is it? >> it has big teeth and a big mouth. you would probably fit a football in his mouth. they are defend anily more docile. it could take your foot off if it wanted to. martha: just a few miles away from where you were in nantucket they shotted a 15-foot great white. you might want to head down there with your reel and can reenact the movie jaws *. i hooked one that was so big it took 1,000 feet off my reel. i have no idea what it was. it could have been a great white. you never know. martha: look how close that is to the beach. that's a 15-foot great white.
6:55 am
2025 was the quote from "jaws." this is hundreds of feet off the shoreline in chatham, massachusetts. they see them there all the time. what's the biggest shark you have ever caught? >> a 10-foot bull shark in florida. 350 pounds or so. bull sharks are pretty nasty. they are more aggressive than the sandbar shark. martha: have you ever been bitten? >> no, i have never been bitten, knock on wood. hopefully it will never happen. martha: these pictures are unbelievable. they are getting tons of attention. they were all over the internet last night. good luck to you and stay safe out there. thanks for chatting. >> thanks for having me. bill: that man has guts.
6:56 am
martha: it makes what we do on the weekend look tame. bill: i think he many got a reality show. martha: i think he's working on that. bill: elliott, you let us know when you catch the bigger one. the heat is out there for most of the country. and it's dangerous. how much longer before the summer rolls on. martha: nancy pelosi said you have to pass the bill to find out what's in it. now some labor unions who were supporters of the bill say we don't like what's in this bill and we are not happy. the significance of this huge development from the unions. we'll be right back.
6:57 am
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6:59 am
martha: fox news alert. days of a blistering and dangerous heat wave scorching a huge portion of the country. cooling stations are now being opened in some of the big cities
7:00 am
with real feel temperatures at more than 100 degrees. 100 degrees. look at these city streets. the i-95 corridor up an down is a virtual sauna right now. welcome, everybody, to a brand new "america's newsroom" hour. i'm martha maccallum, live from london where it is also very hot here. not as hot as it is back in the states as they await for the royal birth, bill. bill: they do, martha. i'm bill hemmer here in new york. it was 100 degrees in the concrete jungle. this is the first heat wave of the summer. sometimes temperatures as much as 10 degrees above normal. heat advisories in effect as they were yesterday up and down the east coast and back into the midwest. martha: meteorologist maria molina is standing by in the weather center with those. first, let's get to david lee miller who is sweating it out in new york city's central park today. david lee, how is it going there? >> reporter: so far so good. how hot is it, martha?
7:01 am
unofficial temperature in central park, an oasis of green in this city of eight million, it is now 83 degrees. the record for this day is 100 degrees. that was set back in 1953. we are told it is not likely to hit 100 today but boy oh, boy, it is going to be close. there is heat advisory for the city, authorities warn especially the young and old to take precautions. they are the moses septemberable to heat post-traumatic stress disorder. let me give you warning signs right now, if you're experiencing truth breathing dizziness, nausea an vomiting seek the assistance of a dr. one thing to keep in mind especially in new york city. we're in central park that is the skyline just beyond the trees there is what they call a urban heat island effect. in other words the asphalt and the concrete retain the heat that means once things do warm up it takes longer for things to
7:02 am
cool down. that is one reason why you don't see those iconic horse-drawn carriages in central park. once the temperatures hit 90, they're taken off the streets. martha? martha: that sound like a good idea, david lee, but new yorkers are tough as we all know and they're out there just like it is any other day, right? >> reporter: indeed they are. look at this guy. i talked to someone earlier who was in fact training for the marathon. you can see a bicycle rental concession. not only new yorkers are tough but see some tourists come here to rent bicycles, despite the fact that temperatures will be soaring in the 90s by this afternoon. just a short time ago we talked to people who are biking walking cycling in the park. they told us white it is not pleasant they're making the best of it. listen. >> i'm sweating like a pig. i'm just, can't wait to get to my office over there. in there it's too cold but at
7:03 am
least i don't do what they do in florida. when you walk in a mall you're freezeing. >> got up early. decided to go for a ride and i realized how hot it was. >> reporter: you know, martha. it is all relative. i talked to a couple of tourists that came from the middle east. they are used to temperatures of 122 degrees. they say things for them at least feel kind of cool. as yogi berra once said, it is not the heat, it is the humility. martha? martha: david lee, thank you very much. bill? bill: there are heat advisories up and down the east coast and across the midwest. so when can we expect a break? maria molina is live in the weather center looking at that i don't know, are we halfway through it yet or not, maria? >> we're halfway through it. we're on day three. we're on five days of experiencing very hot temperatures. david lee touched upon something very important. it is not like we're talking about record-setting high temperatures across the northeast but the problem is the humidity. it makes it feel so much hotter
7:04 am
out there. i will show you two things right now. first high temperatures we're expecting. 91 degrees in new york city. 95 in washington, d.c. very widespread. look how many areas will reach 90 degrees. 91 in detroit, chicago, st. louis. 95 in little rock, arkansas. even across parts of mississippi, alabama and the state of georgia we're talking temperatures into the 90s. then you factor in the humidity. this is what it feels like when you head outdoors on your skin. it will feel like 100 degrees in louisville. and 99 in st. louis, nashville and the northeast. new york city will feel like 95 this afternoon. in washington, d.c., you're talking about triple digit heat values if you don't have air conditioning in your apartment. eventually the high temperature will be 101. temperatures break down farther south. we will have a cold front from canada dipping southward bringing in cooler temperatures. look at saturday.
7:05 am
showers and thunderstorms across parts of the northeast. some of it could produce severe weather. i will show you one city in particular experiencing a cool-down. this is detroit. 70s by sunday. a significant cool-down coming up. bill: hang in there. check with your pets and the elderly and keep the kids cool. thank you, maria. back to london. martha: as a heat wave hits a massive water outage couldn't come at a worse time. maryland officials say a major pipeline has to be repaired. it will knock out water for as many as 200,000 people for as much as five days. >> more snaps today, over the weekend, rose yesterday. we have to do something about this pipe. >>wssc has provided an amount of water we will be a table to give to our residents along with resources we're gathering from the state and the region to assist with us. >> we're bringing 5,000 gallons
7:06 am
of water to a reported structure fire. that being a house or apartment. martha: mandatory water restrictions will go into effect. hopefully their measures will be helpful. the county opened nearly three dozen cooling centers. bill: bill: they will need them. new york's response to the heat wave is under fire after a teenage intern faints at a news conference for a mayoral candidate. watch this. >> i it is -- are you okay? bill: took nearly 30 minutes for an ambulance to get there and help her out. new york city councilwoman christine quinn, she is running for mayor. says the city was unprepared for heat related calls they were getting. the intern despite the sound you heard is doing okay. he's fine. martha: how about this breaking news from overseas? al qaeda in the a rare pan peninsula, confirming that a u.s. drone strike killed the
7:07 am
group's second-in-command. u.s. officials are saying that see heed al-zawahiri was once held at guantanamo bay. he is described as one of the most important al qaeda militants ever to be released from gitmo. bill: cuba hidden on a north korean ship as it tried to cross through the panama canal. the cuban foreign ministry calling soviet-era weapons were obsolete saying they were sent for repair. panama took control of the ship after finding the military cargo buried beneath a shipment of sugar. there was a lot of suggest far on board. the united nations prohibits any weapons going to north korea. martha: government spying programs and the secret court that signs off on them, lawmakers are hoping for answers from key intel officials today during a major oversight hearing. mike emanuel is live from capitol hill on that. mike, what should we expect at this hearing today?
7:08 am
>> reporter: martha, house lawmakers want to take a closer look at some of the obama administration's government surveillance programs. you can expect lawmakers will have tough questions for a key obama administration officials about these surveillance efforts that have been underway. you can expect officials will warn congress that lawmakers should not limit intelligence-gathering because it could lead to missed warnings that took place before the 9/11 attacks. james cole from the justice department, the deputy attorney general, is here on capitol hill to testify as is bob lit, the director of national intelligence general counsel. lawmakers will also hear from representatives the aclu who is expected to argue for more transparency in the surveillance efforts that are underway. martha? martha: so what are some of the challenges of the fisa court, considering the nature of what it does, mike? >> reporter: lawmakers have heard from a former fisa judge, challenges the government comes
7:09 am
in what it wants to do in terms of surveillance because there is not another side because matters are so highly classified, so delicate in terms of national security there is not an attorney on the other side arguing against. you can expect there may be discussion how to do that. how to perhaps alter the fisa court. new jersey congressman rush holt, a democrat is arguing for a repeal of the 2000 one patriot act. also the 2008 fisa amendments. he thinks that the government has gone too far, martha? martha: all right. mike, thank you very much. mike emanuel in d.c. back to you. bill: from the pentagon, martha, that is hitting the military top brass with major budget cuts. defense secretary chuck hagel proposing 20% reductions for headquarters of the major military branch as well as civilian offices. those cuts are supposed to save $2 billion between the years 2015 and 2019. much of the savings will come in layoffs but no word how many people could lose their jobs.
7:10 am
you remember military spending has been cut this year by $37 billion. martha: another name that is being floated out there this morning as a potential candidate for the upcoming vacancy in homeland security. new york police commissioner ray kelley. president obama calling commissioner kelly, quote, very well-qualified. if he has any interest in leaving his current job he would like to know about it. the president is looking for a new president of homeland security of course after janet napolitano announced her resignation last week. she will leave her post in september. she will become the head of the california university system. bill: president obama taking his push for immigration reform to a whole new audience but an agreement may be further away than many originally claimed. we'll tell you all about that. martha: boston bombing suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev, on the cover of "rolling stone." is this glamourizing an accused terrorist? plus this.
7:11 am
bill: get ready for a stunning story of a woman struck by lightning and she wasn't even outside. >> they called the paramedics. they couldn't believe it themselves. they looked through the ceiling an saw the floor and saw the impact and asked me how was i doing. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. chase quickpay. so you can.
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every day we're working to and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world.
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in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger.
7:14 am
bill: survivors of the deadly asiana airlines crash are now suing boeing. that company built the aircraft that slammed down at san francisco international airport about a week ago. lawyers representing the passengers say initial reports indicate the accident may have been caused by a mechanical malfunction. we're also learning that the pilots are being treated for psychological trauma after the -- martha: well, new outrage after surviving boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev gets placed front and center on the upcoming cover of "rolling stone" magazine. tsarnaev pleaded not guilty to 30 counts of a federal
7:15 am
indictment. critics are accusing the iconic magazine of glamourizing, look at this cover, on a platform that normally features actors, musicians and occasionally politicians. that is what we've got on the cover of "rolling stone." i'm joined by michael graham, radio host on new england talk network and columnist for "the boston herald." what do you make of this cover? >> when did "rolling stone" magazine turn into terrorist teen beat? we had last week a bunch of federal knuckleheads, waving their free show car signs and announcing he is a victim. all they're doing feeding into that. the question is why? we're journalists we're following the story where it takes us. that is not just a photo of joke car. that is flattering sympathetic photo, based on prerelease information goes with a story that is, you know, sympathetic
7:16 am
as a victim. his family left him alone and this is not hard-nosed journalism, this is, as close to a sympathetic portrayal of a killer as you can get. martha: yeah. i mean when you think about it, michael, the things he scrawled inside of that boat, i think if there was any doubt in anyone's mind that this man got sucked into a family jihad mentality, he did quite convincingly when you look what he scrawled in the boat about his jihaddist sentiments, and why he was willing to die for islam. it is a glamour photo. it looks sort of moody and it is not a mug shot. one of our tweeters sent to me. if they put the mug shot on the cover they would be okay with that. >> exactly. you've got a guy who looks like the cast of "glee." looks like one of the stars from the "twilight" movies. that is a photo they chose to
7:17 am
put up. my wife and i were on the back bay and walked by one. makeshift memorials where the bomb went off, can you imagine going around the corner and watched your son or daughter and or niece lose their leg and there is the newsstand, the guy responding looking darkly out to you with brooding hopeful eyes. "rolling stone" doesn't care. "rolling stone" needs the attention. the last time "rolling stone" was relevant i was wearing a powder blue leisure suit and dancing to the boogie at diamond two disco is south carolina. martha: this is what we remind you of. >> yes. ladies were still heartbroken. martha: i know. there is concern here, michael, wannabe terrorist, people who might want to follow in his footsteps look at this the kind of thing that, makes it look cool to do what he did. >> sure but look at kind of
7:18 am
terrorists, this notice, in my "boston herald" column for tomorrow i point out timothy mack say had a troubled background. family troubles. served in the military. was a loaner. there was no cover story of timothy mack say at "rolling stone." eric rudolph, bombing in atlanta had a tough time. no photo after brooding eric robert rudolph pondering his life. with this guy, specific type of terrorism, any other type of terrorism you would not have the same portrayal. here is my challenge to "rolling stone." you want to be cutting-edge and out there and not afraid of anyone? put a sympathetic photo of george zimmerman on your cover next time. we'll see how that goes for you. they would never do it. martha: all right. michael gram, thank you very much. getting a ton of attention. send me a tweet and let me know what you think about
7:19 am
this,@martha maccallum. bill? bill: thanks. in a moment support from labor unions critical in passing obamacare, you know that. some of those groups issued a scathing letter about the law and how it will affect millions of americans. they're using words like, nightmare. talk about a nightmare, three young women spent a decade in captivity. the man accused of raping them for years is facing something even bigger.
7:20 am
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7:22 am
announcer: announcer: you're on the right track to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose to save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. or choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular tempur-pedic mattresses. you can even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice with head-to-toe customization. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ martha: you think you're safe incoarse during a thunderstorm? maybe not so much. a woman in louisiana shopping in a grocery store during a storm gets struck by lightning. she was standing near the registers when electricity shot through her body.
7:23 am
>> i felt a burn first. then excruciating pain to my thigh. it hit right through like, the top of my head, down my spine, all the way to my left thigh. from my left thigh it ricocheted to my root foot. the towel standing under me and lifted my foot and through my shoe under the register. martha: unbelievable. they believe the lightning struck the roof, traveled through a sprinkler system and shot through a metal plate on the floor where she was standing. unbelievable. >> we're awaiting a court appearance today for the suspected cleveland kidnapper, ariel castro. he is being arraigned now, get this. on nearly a thousand charges. accused of kidnapping three women, holding them hostage for 10 years. michelle knight, gina dejesus, amanda berry. castro plans to plead not guilty to all the new charges.
7:24 am
garrett 10 any, from our midwest bureau in chicago. he is facing already 300 charges. why the additional 600 plus at this point? what will that get prosecutors. garrett? >> well, bill, you mentioned the 300 charges. that was already looking at more than 3,000 years in prison. with the 900 charges he is looking at more than 9,000 years in prison if he is convicted. essentially county prosecutor, tim mcgintty, wants to send a clear message that these types of acts of crime will not be tolerated there in his county, much less throughout the entire state of ohio. he said he is seeking charges for every day ariel castro allegedly held these three women captive. every act of violence they endured, during those more than 10 years that they were held in captive. so that includes, 512 counts of kidnapping. 446 counts of rape. and of course, those two charges, aggravated murder for allegedly terminating the pregnancy of michelle knight.
7:25 am
so, the prosecution here is looking to send that clear message. of course they have been discussing the possibility of plea bargains. so by having all of these charges, it gives them a much stronger position to enter those, arrangements with, bill. bill: we recently heard from the women for the first time too. how are they doing, the victims? >> reporter: they release ad video last week. it was really heartwarming. quite remarkable to see how well they were doing after thesethose 10 years held in captivity. we're told they are beginning to reenter society now. people are recognizing them as they go about, go shopping at stores with their family. and things like that. now of course, with the three women their attorneys have said they want to see this trial and this case come to an end. that is something that the defense team has also said. they have said, they will do not want to have to see these three women take the stan and have to endure further hardship after those 10 years in captivity.
7:26 am
so as they look at those plea deal arrangements, that is something they will be considering as well. of course the death penalty is still also an option that the prosecution could bring forth against ariel castro as well. a committee started their meetings on thursday last week and they are still determining if that is something they will be seeking. bill? bill: garrett thank you. garrett tenney. a story that still shocks all of us. garrett, thank you in chicago. >> reporter: certainly. bill: martha? martha: queen elizabeth is now speaking out on the royal birth. she just had something to say about that. it is pretty surprising what she said. we'll tell that you in a moment. i went to the palace where the future king or queen of england will grow up and be a child there. why william picked this special spot. that's coming up. plus signs of trouble for immigration reform. president obama going on a rare round of media interviews. is it enough to win over the skeptics? >> we need to, i think, do this as a complete package.
7:27 am
it, we've been working on this for years now. everybody knows what the debates are. it's time for us to stop worrying about politics and worry about doing the right thing for the country. the great outdoors, and a great deal.
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7:30 am
bill: new signs of a major immigration overhaul might be in trouble. president obama going on a spanish language tv blitz trying to push it through, trying to pressure house republicans to move on a senate bill before
7:31 am
lawmakers take off for the summer. >> we know that what works. we can't make it perfect. you're never going to have zero people crossing the border without the proper papers. that's not true at our northern border. it is not true at our southern border. it is not true anywhere in the world but we know that we can make it stronger. the senate bill does so. bill: and there is something called the house of representatives and they have a big say in this as well. byron york with "washington examiner." fox news contributor. how are you doing, sir. good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: byron, what is the issue here, what is the new trouble? >> this is by far the president's biggest and best chance for legacy accomplishment in his second term which otherwise is not going all that great. after a huge bipartisan achievement, immigration reform passes 68-32 in the senate, it hit a brick wall in the house. republican who is control in the house simply say they will not take up the senate bill and they will do what they want to do in
7:32 am
parts and mostly taking up border security measures. first a couple of committees passed border security measures. when eric cantor a couple weeks ago, the second ranking republican in the house, listed the house agenda in july, when the house goes on recess in august, he had all the things, energy, appropriation, education. immigration wasn't even a part of what they're going to talk about. the president realized this thing slowed to a halt in the house. bill: you think this is in trouble, byron? >> could be. if republicans don't do anything in july and doesn't look like they will, they take a month break in august. they go home, talk to their constituents, many of whom are actually opposed to this bill in republican districts. they come back in september and stuff like debt limit. there are big fiscal fights. there are all sorts of other issues. there is a possibility that immigration reform could just get pushed to the backburner. bill: because you have got the fiscal issues and debt ceiling issues that will pop up. you will have big, big debates
7:33 am
on that. if you look at the second term of the administration and looking at big-time accomplishments, i have to think upon re-election this is one thing where they thought we can get this done. if you don't get it done, what are you left with? >> well, you're not left with a lot. they got it done in the senate because they had this bipartisan consensus. they had 14 republicans who joined all 54 democrats in the senate. look what we're suppose to be the big deals of the president's second term. gun control, did not happen. raising taxes? he did succeed in doing that and fiscal cliff shutdown but he lost on sequestration. climate change, he had to do some things by himself because he knows he can't get anything through congress on that. so in terms of the big bill, the big accomplishment, the big signing ceremony you have in the white house, immigration reform is by far the biggest chance. bill: here is what we found in our fox polling with regard to citizenship and border security. 74% say they favor a path to
7:34 am
citizenship. that is kind after sticky wicket too in this whole deal especially on the house side but 81% say you have to have more border security. and i, i would assume that's what the house will do first, when it make as move? >> well the key word is first. the big issue is the sequence of those things because a lot of americans do favor legalizing the immigrants who are here illegally at the moment and putting them on a path to citizenship. but they want border security to be in place first. the senate bill was essentially a promise of border security in place. and the house will want to insist on the reality of border security that is actually done and in place before the process gets underway. for democrats in the past, that has been a nonstarter and apparently is for the president too. bill: there may be a road show too on this we'll see whether or not that is successful. think about what the president said, house republicans looking politically they may not have any choice but to go forward. you may get a strong debate on
7:35 am
behalf of house republicans on that. byron, thank you out of washington. thanks. >> thanks, bill. martha: well the future king or queen of england will not grow up in buckingham palace where the queen lives. instead prince william decided to raise his child at the smaller, kensington palace. i got a chance to swing by there for a quick look. this is kensington palace, a place steeped in british royal history. queen victoria was a young girl here. she ran around in her gowns along these hallways. princess margaret, queen elizabeth's sister of course, she was a royal pipa middleton at her time, livered for many years. princess diana loved this place referred to it as kp. she and her husband at the time, prince charles, they raised their young boys here and reflected on the years very happy. she said here after the divorce on her own in the apartments behind me. it is somewhat of a royal
7:36 am
neighborhood. there is a courtyard in the middle. a lot of royals live in the different apartments. no surprise, that prince william could have choice of any of the palaces buckingham palace, clarence house, st. james place, decided he wanted to come back here to raise his child with kate middleton. the palace is undergoing a bit of a renovation. they spent $1.5 million on the apartment as it is called you see behind me. they're scheduled to move in in the fall. the royal heir, the future king or queen of england will always look back on the years they spent as a child being raised in a four-story, 21-room apartment, humbly known as apt 1-a. they are flies digs if you can get it, right? i'm joined now by arthur edwards. he has been the royal photographerrer, the most well-known royal photographer and been with the sun newspaper since 1977. arthur, a pressure to -- pleasure to speak with you
7:37 am
again. you wait, we all wait for the big news here and the queen just had something to say and i want you to listen to what she just said a while ago and we'll get your thoughts on it. here she is. >> [inaudible] >> very much like this. i'm going on holiday. martha: so we share her sentiment. everybody has things to do over the weaken and would like to get this baby on the road. what do you think, arthur? >> well, that's right, clearly her majesty. she is going on holiday the 26th or 2th of this month. so we have a bit of time, ma'am, to get this baby here. this will baby will be born here in the lovely wing where prince william was born. i was standing right in this spot in 1982 when diana and prince charles carried him out of there. martha: arthur, you say you think the access, and we will
7:38 am
show some of the pictures you took, because you have known prince william and prince harry since they were born, photographed them many, many times. you think the feeling around the accessibility of this new baby is going to be very different. why do you say that? >> well, because it is massive now, the media interest in this child. i mean when william was here and harry was born and william was born, there was not a third of the number of press here now. every international broadcast is set up here. this is just massive interest. this young child will go to kensington palace because it is secure there. there is a huge park, hyde park surrounding it where the baby can be taken out for a walk by its nanny or policeman and no one will know. it will be so private for them. there will be access to this baby, martha. we'll get the christening pictures. we'll get the baby starts nursery.
7:39 am
and diana, i was down to kp, ken ink ton palace to photograph william now and again. i was there when he started to walk and. there will be access to this child but it will be controlled because, you know, this child will be growing up in an electronic goldfish bowl with a whole world will be watching it. so, you know, it has to be controlled i'm afraid. martha: you know, it seems in the last few years that the pr machine of the royal family has improved its game in a very big way. do you expect that to come into play here as well? >> well, absolutely. i mean they have got professional press offices. this is all after diana died. they got proper press officers in, experienced press officers. proactive press officers, not reactive and they make things happen. that's the beauty of it. they're aware that the whole world wants to see this child but they have to do it gradually. this child is not a performing puppet. it's a baby and, you know, there
7:40 am
will be access to the christening for a pool photographers and the world will see those pictures and of course, if they go next year to a big tour overseas which we think is going to be australia and new zealand, then william will go with them, with a new baby, william will take his new baby with him. and so there will be access there i remember when william got off the plane in australia when he was nine months old in alex springs. diana proudly carried him down the steps to show us all. there will be access but it will be limited and quite right too. martha: and we know that when there is is access, arthur you are likely to be the one who is granted it because you have had a long relationship with royal family. that will be very interesting to see when it all gets rolling. arthur edwards, thank you very much. good to see you again. >> pleasure, martha. pleasure. bill: nicely done. the new baby will need a new twitter handle. once we get that we'll let you
7:41 am
know what it is. meantime major push to stop portions of obamacare. >> just this week on sunday senator reid went on one of the morning talk shows and said obamacare has been wonderful for america. wonderful for who? bill: some of the bill's original supporters now saying it won't be a former union head talks about the nightmare obamacare poses for unions. our neighbor to the north, hear how canada is encouraging skilled foreign workers to cross the border. really? ♪ [ mortazavi ] i'm definitely a perfectionist.
7:42 am
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7:44 am
i'm rezaculinary manager. man: the charcoal went out already? ... forget it. vo: there's more barbeque time in every bag of kingsford original charcoal. kingsford. slow down and grill. bill: another change of sorts for the new pope. pope francis will ditch the popemobile for his upcoming trip
7:45 am
to brazile. he will be in rio for the world youth festival. recent popes use the bulletproof popemobile for trips outside of the vatican. breaking tradition, he loves to that, pope francis will ride in the open top jeep according to the vatican. he is been spotted rolling around in that suv and working the crowd in st. peter's square already. martha: new reaction after president obama's health care law suffers major backlash from some of its once staunchest supporters. three of the nation's top unions are now slamming the health care law. very surprising development here. you have teamsters president, james hoffa, who applauded the law when it was passed back in march of 2010. here is what he said. it was critical congress pass this bill to help get our economy moving again. high health care costs are burdening our employers. so that was the thinking then but how about the change of tune we've seen in this letter that was written on his behalf and two other union leaders to pell
7:46 am
pell and harry reid? he is saying this. we can no longer stand silent in faces of the elements of the affordable care act that will destroy the health and well-being of members and the other americans. we have the chair of the national labor relations board under president george w. bush. peter, welcome. good to have you here. >> thank you, good to be here. martha: a lost folks are surprised by this letter but you say you're not so surprised? >> no, not at all. the unions are haunted now by their prior support of obamacare but what they're really saying what the republican said before. there is no reason to rush through with this bill. there are provisions in the bill which are ill-conceived, which have consequences. you're ignoring those consequences. those consequences, are one, going to make obamacare not affordable and number two, it will deprive employees of insurance which the president had said employees could keep. martha: you know, i think that
7:47 am
this is an argument that was going on since the very beginning on this. one. things they're really, you know, unhappy about is that so many people will be pushed to part-time work because then the employers won't have to cover them. why would this come as a surprise to the unions, this development? >> you know, it shouldn't have because one of the unintended, i shouldn't say unintended because i think the consequence were obvious but they were not looked at is the employer mannered date. obamacare requires employers to carry what is called, affordable health care. the problem, it is not affordable because it involves all inner about federal mandates. this applies to employers with 50 or more employees essentially that work 30 or more hours per week. the employers say this will be expensive coverage. we can't really afford it. so they're cutting down number about employers, and cutting hours from 30 hours a week to less than that. one of the companies, regal
7:48 am
entertainment, not too long ago reduced non-salaried employees below 30 hours. they own 500 theaters. there was a report done by kinsey in 2000, yeah. martha: you can see, pardon me for the delay. you can see why this is so problematic for employees but you do wonder what the unions were thinking on this. and now the unions are putting pretty heavy-handed pressure in this letter and saying you better fix this and fix this soon. remember we're the folks that support you when it comes to election time. >> martha, the president needed to have the employer mandate because by having the employer mandate and reduced participation in what is called the exchanges. the exchanges are expensive because they provide subsidies. that is why there was a push for the employer mandate. a lot is said about the filibuster taking away the right, all of this, obamacare is the result of one party having a filibuster-proof majority. they didn't think through what
7:49 am
they were doing. martha: you know, it almost feels like what the unions ultimately wanted and what the president has said, that he thinks is a more perfect system, is a single-payer system. you wonder, sort of where we go from here? and do you see further roadblocks for this? do you see a future where they say, you know what? we need to rework this whole plan? >> i do. definitely the plan has to be reduced. personally, i'm a republican. i think the plan should be repealed. i think we should go back to the table. i think a variety of different incentives should be built in to make health care more affordable and and that has not been done. take, for example, the individual mandate. and the requirements that you carry your children on your policies up to the age of 26. also the individual mandate has a penalty of roughly, i think $800 a year which is less than if you carried the insurance. since the obamacare also provides that if you, you can't
7:50 am
be denied coverage if you have a preexisting condition, there's no reason why young people who are quite bright, simply pay the penalty and if they get a disease, they will get the insurance. these are the kind of consequences which weren't thought through. martha: yeah. and it seems like common sense looking back at it now. peter, thank you very much. good to speak with you today. >> you're very welcome. bill: interesting conversation there. thank you, martha. jon scott standing by. "happening now" rolls your way in 10 minutes. what is up, jon? >> we're watching two developing stories on the hill. hearings on the nsa spying on average americans and into the health care overhaul. what it all means to you coming up. plus a drug kingpin arrested in mexico. are we at a crossroads in the war with cartels? that illegal arms shipment intercepted between cuba and north korea. and the silent killer, kid any disease. it kills more than twice the people that prostate and breast cancer do but it doesn't receive
7:51 am
much attention. we'll help to remedy that today. "happening now."
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bill: then our neighbor to the north taking advantage of our broken u.s. immigration system. canadians now putting billboards in american cities encouraging skilled foreign workers across-the-boarder. why would that be? dan springer is live in seattle. how's canada capitalizing on this, dan? >> reporter: well, canada's essentially saying to the u.s., bill, if you don't want them we'll take them gladly. canada is offering foreign skilled workers immediate permanent residency through a program they're calling the startup visa. they're trying to poach people currently in the u.s. on our h1b visa. they put them in silicon valley hoping to lure techies north.
7:55 am
all of those visas were gone in just two days even though they come with a lot of strings for the workers. >> i don't think i'm saying anything that's uncharitable or controversial when i suggest that the american immigration system is in large measure dysfunctional. >> reporter: to get one of these startup visas you have to be an entrepreneur and have startup capital to start a business. bill: that is a big part of this debate too. how is that playing into the debate over reform on immigration? >> reporter: plays right in. it proves that the u.s. is in global competition for high-tech talent and the government is not doing all it can to attract the best and brightest. the immigration bill passed by senate nearly doubles the cap to h1b visas to 110,000 but while the republican bill goes even higher there is support bringing in foreign skilled workers. there are critics mainly skilled workers in the u.s. ho view
7:56 am
foreign competition taking jobs and depressing salaries. >> corporate america is addicted to the foreign talent. they're going overseas. it gives them a lot more control. give gives them a lot more control how they compensate them >> reporter: h1b visa holders can't change the job and have to be renewed by the company every three years. there is more leverage for the company to hire these people from another country. bill? bill: interesting wrinkle. dan springer in seattle on that. back to martha. martha: daze after george zimmerman's acquittal in the death of trayvon martin, attorney general eric holder is now speaking out very forcefully about the "stand your ground" law, something we heard little of during the whole trial. why is he speaking out about it now?
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
martha: let the buyer beware on this one. sketchers is paying a hefty fee
8:00 am
for making a sketch a claim. they are now paying out $40 million settlement. accused of making false promises at their popular shape up shoes. all you had to do was walk and you could lose weight and tone your muscles. who would have thought that is not true. bill: be sure to get a cold pine at the end of the day. "happening now" starts now. jon: a fox news alert on three breaking stories we're watching right now. men accused of kidnapping three women and holding them hostage for a decade is back in court. ariel castro being arraigned on several hundred new charges. on capitol hill, or government surveillance program under the microscope. lawmakers looking into if snooping has gone too far. also, house republicans take on obamacare, a vo


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